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We offer a flexible plan, course topics and suitable class duration
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We have native speakers and professional teachers who are interested in the result
Multiple formats
Ability to choose group or individual lesson format
Lots of practice
From the very first lesson, you will begin to write, read, and speak in Chinese
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Our Platform
Online Classroom is a convenient platform for
interactive Chinese language learning.
In one browser window student and teacher communicate with each other and work with learning materials.
Everything in one window!
A simple and compact interface provides quick access to all materials: textbooks, audio recordings, and additional assignments.
Integrated video conference call !
Plug in your webcam and microphone and communicate with the teacher in the same window where you work with the course materials.
Integrated Chat !
Chat with the teacher, receive new words and useful pictures, and when you don't need the chat room, just close it up.!
Our teachers
About Our School
CHIEASY are teachers with a lot of experience, which is why we decided to open our own platform for learning Chinese ! Experience of our teachers starts in 2008, during which time we have Since then, we have helped 25,000 students reach their goal. Teaching Chinese Through its own platform CHIEASY - a live communication with the teacher, not a call-to-action routine.
We know that for many students the deciding factor in choosing a school is the personality of the teacher. That's why our priority is selecting strong teachers who not only speak Chinese well, but also know how to impart their knowledge and are interested in the students' progress.
Our teachers and students are located all over the world. Chinese through the CHIEASY platform is a convenient format that allows them to meet remotely several times a week in the comfortable environment of online lessons. Join now!
Years of helping students
Students per year
Successful graduates
The trial lesson lasts 30-45 minutes. This is an introduction lesson where you can tell the teacher about your goals for learning the language, express your wishes and ask any questions about the learning process, and the teacher will determine your level of knowledge, demonstrate a fragment of the lesson and respond to all your questions.
Yes, we can use our own platform 'CHIEASY Online Class' for classes. This is a website that combines a communication module (similar to Skype) and teaching materials. Our class allows teachers to tailor the curriculum to the needs of the individual student. That is, it is not a digitized online tutorial, but a flexible learning tool.You will see your instructor and learning materials on the same page of your browser - no more switching between applications, opening different folders and tabs. It's very convenient!
Yes, they are effective. Online classes are no different from regular individual classes. They save time and make life more comfortable for both the student and the teacher. It's simple, convenient, modern, and effective.
The length of the course depends on your goals and the time you have available. It takes 6-9 months to complete one level of a general conversation course. From our experience, you need at least two years of Chinese if you are starting from scratch to be able to communicate confidently abroad. If you already have a certain level, you can continue learning Chinese at any level that corresponds to your level. We also offer various short-term courses for emergency preparation for important events in your life.
Of course, after successfully completing the course, you can get a certificate from our school.
Studying with a native speaker is good for students with an intermediate level of knowledge. The main objectives of such classes: to overcome the language barrier, to expand the vocabulary, to immerse themselves in the language environment - everything you need to successfully activate knowledge at an intermediate and high level. We also recommend lessons with a native speaker to prepare for an overseas trip, an interview, a business meeting with foreign partners.
You can study on a shift schedule, that is, arrange a schedule with the teacher for a week in advance and study when it is convenient for you.
Payment can be made on our website by clicking on the 'Cost' tab. You will be able to pay for classes immediately after an introductory lesson with your instructor. Once payment is made, our managers and your teacher will receive a notification of the payment. You'll also see the top-up information, and the teacher will start preparing for the first lesson. And if, you are confident in our abilities before the trial lesson, you can freely choose a teacher, convenient time and make the payment!
No, your balance remains the same during your absence. Just let us know when you take a break from school.
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